Schoeffel Performance Check 2015

Schöffel Performance Check 2015

Schöffel meets most of FWF’s management system requirements and goes beyond several. At 93%, Schöffel’s monitoring percentage meets the 90% monitoring threshold required for third-year members.

During 2014, Schöffel has considerably increased the effectiveness of its monitoring system and procedures. This includes for example advanced risk assessments and CAP evaluations, taking local stakeholder information into account and actively looking for ways to prevent violations of labour standards.

Schöffel has also developed a policy for subcontracting; travelling staff conducts in-production checks to verify where production takes place. While Schöffel’s production planning supports reasonable working hours, excessive overtime was still found in all ten FWF audits conducted in 2014. A root cause analysis in 2013 showed that delayed material deliveries were a common cause for overtime. Schöffel therefore changed its system for purchasing material in 2014 to allow smoother production processes. FWF recommends Schöffel to assess the impact of this change regarding reducing overtime at

Furthermore, five suppliers of Schöffel in China and Turkey particpated in FWF’s Workplace Education Programme to enhance awareness of worker rights and stimulate dialogue between workers and factory management.

FWF encourages Schöffel to further enroll suppliers in WEP trainings. Also, FWF requires Schöffel to take an active role in discussing living wages with its suppliers and recommends to further analyse root causes of excessive overtime in cooperation with suppliers.


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