Schoeffel Performance Check 2016

Schöffel Performance Check 2016

Schöffel meets most of FWF’s management system requirements and goes beyond several. At 95%, Schöffel’s monitoring percentage meets the 90% monitoring threshold required for companies that have been a member for more than three years.

During 2015, Schöffel continued its efforts to ensure an effective monitoring system. This includes a robust system to follow up corrective actions, a policy for subcontracting and cooperation with other customers to remediate findings. Schöffel put in particular efforts to ensure monitoring of a newly opened production site in Ethiopia.

In addition, Schöffel further analysed root causes for excessive overtime and continuously improved its production planning to support reasonable working hours. At the same time, excessive overtime remains a challenge and is a common finding during audits.

Eight suppliers of Schöffel participated in FWF’s Workplace Education Programme to enhance awareness of worker rights and stimulate dialogue between workers and factory management.

For all complaint cases received in 2015, Schöffel addressed the complaints in accordance with FWF’s complaints procedure and solutions were found. Remediation and prevention of structural issues raised in some of the complaints remains challenging.

FWF recommends Schöffel to systematically use information gathered about wage levels at suppliers to work towards higher wage benchmarks.


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