Schöffel Performance Check 2017

Schöffel has shown advanced results on FWF performance indicators. With a monitoring percentage of 96% and a benchmarking score of 79, it remains in the Leader category for the third year in a row.

Schöffel continued analysing root causes for excessive overtime and improving its production planning to support reasonable working hours. The average lead time was increased to 170/180 days, to allow production locations to plan better and distribute their production in time. Schöffel asked factories in Bulgaria to conduct an analysis of time worked. Results showed that overtime had been significantly reduced, thanks to an improved structure and production planning. Schöffel also improved on following up on corrective actions. The company hired a technician in Ethiopia to support the factory capacity building as well as social and safety compliance.

FWF advises Schöffel to define its due diligence process and communicate it transparently to suppliers, so that if they do not fulfill the brand’s requirements, they understand that the relationship may be terminated. Furthermore, Schöffel should continue its efforts in monitoring its supply chain tail end.


Benchmarking score: 79, % of own production under monitoring: 96, Category: Leader


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