SOLO Invest Performance Check 2015

SOLO Investment Performance Check 2015

Sol’s met most of FWF’s management system requirements to improve working conditions. In 2014 Sol’s monitored 27% of its total purchasing volume, which is below the 40% required of brands in its first year of membership. However, in light of the fact that Sol’s only became a member of Fair Wear in June 2014, and therefore had less time to make necessary arrangements, and the fact that a number of audits are planned that expect to bring its monitoring percentage above 60% in 2015, FWF has used its dicretionary power and awarded a good rating.

Sol’s systematically works towards resolution of corrective actions in all countries and follow up is being closely monitored and documented. High leverage and stable relationships with its suppliers gives Sol’s a strong basis for effectively monitoring working conditions.

In 2014 FWF audited two of Sol’s suppliers in Bangladesh, which revealed excessive overtime and payment below living wages. Sol’s can take steps towards analysing the root causes of excessive overtime and payment below living wages and how this relates to its own buying practices. Moreover, it can encourage more suppliers to take part in FWF’s Workplace Education Programme.


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