Solo Invest Performance Check 2017

Solo Invest S.A.S (hereafter: Sol’s) has shown progress and met most of FWF’s performance requirements. Its monitoring threshold of 84% is an improvement compared to last year. This monitoring percentage, combined with a benchmark score of 59, means that FWF awarded Sol’s the ‘Good’ rating.

To improve its monitoring percentage, Sol’s increased the number of FWF audits conducted at its production locations and carried out WEPs in two of its factories. Sol’s has an extensive understanding of the pricing system at each of its suppliers. For the coming year, FWF recommends Sol’s to ensure that audits also occur at more production locations where more than 2% of production takes place, or
where Sol’s has over 10% leverage. Sol’s should continue to improve its monitoring system through strengthening remediation processes at suppliers and prevention of violations at suppliers in Bangladesh.

Score: 59, % under monitoring: 84, Score: Good


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