Sportsmans Delight Performance Check 2016

Sportsmans Delight Performance Check 2016

PYUA meets most of FWFs management system requirements. At 45%, PYUA’s monitoring percentage meets the 40% monitoring threshold required for first year members.

PYUA has a small, long-term supplier base and visits all production locations frequently. Production is planned in close cooperation with suppliers to allow a smooth production process. All staff is aware of FWF membership requirements and information about working conditions at suppliers is shared frequently.

Currently, all orders are placed in countries that FWF considers low-risk countries; Estonia and Portugal. For its Portuguese production locations, accounting for 55% of PYUA’s production, PYUA failed to fulfill FWF’s monitoring requirements for low-risk countries in 2015. In addition, its agent and main production locations in Portugal are not transparent about subcontracting sites.

PYUA is working towards more transparency and a stronger commitment of its agent to support implementation of the FWF Code of Labour Practices.


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