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Today – 16 November – websites around the world will go dark, out of protest and solidarity. Protest against the powers and forces that limit our universal liberties and silence us. And in solidarity with activists, human rights defenders who stand up for these freedoms. Sometimes paying with the ultimate price - their lives.

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Sportsman’s Delight Performance Check 2017

PYUA has shown progress and met most of FWFs’ performance requirements. As all of the company’s production production locations are based in low-risk countries and monitoring requirements have been fulfilled (except for some subcontracting sites), PYUA’s monitoring threshold reaches 99%, which exceeds requirements for second-year members. This in addition to reaching a benchmarking score of 58 means the Good category is awarded.

PYUA has a small, long-term supplier base and visits all production locations frequently. Production is planned in close cooperation with suppliers to allow for a smooth production process. All staff is aware of FWF membership requirements and information about working conditions at suppliers is shared on a regular basis. In 2016, PYUA worked on increasing transparency regarding costing. FWF recommends PYUA to establish a human rights due diligence procedure, especially if it considers sourcing in high-risk countries in the future. Once again this year, PYUA did not hand in its social report to FWF and did not publish it on its website. All FWF members are required to submit a social report as part of FWF’s approach to report transparently about efforts to improve working conditions.

Score: 58 Percentage under monitoring: 99% Category: Good


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