Stanley and Stella Performance Check 2014

Stanley and Stella Performance Check 2014

Stanley & Stella meets most of FWF’s management system requirements. It has monitored 100% of its total purchasing volume, well beyond the 60% required of affiliates in their second year of membership.

Stanley & Stella is a new company that has so far established stable relationships with many of its suppliers. It uses its local office in Bangladesh to maintain frequent communications with suppliers on compliance issues. An open costing system helps to improve the brand’s understanding of labour costs.

In the future, Stanley & Stella is encouraged to do an assessment on the impact of its pricing strategy on wage levels, as a step towards living wage implementation. In addition, it could make more efforts in 2014 to enroll Bangladeshi suppliers in the Workplace Education Programme to mitigate the risks of harassment at work, and to increase workers’ awareness of FWF’s complaints mechanism


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