Stanley and Stella Performance Check 2018

Stanley and Stella S.A. (hereafter Stanley Stella) has shown advanced results on performance indicators and has made exceptional progress. Stanley Stella has monitored 100% of its production in the last three years. Over 80% of the production volume of Stanley Stella is from suppliers where it has significant leverage. Stanley Stella works with suppliers to plan production in advance. It has knowledge on minimum wages of all production locations. All three Stanley Stella suppliers audited by FWF in 2017 have paid at least minimum wages to workers. Majority of Stanley Stella’s products are made in Bangladesh, where the brand established a local liaison office to facilitate production and conduct supply chain management. To monitor suppliers and improve working conditions, local office visits suppliers daily and follows up on corrective action plans from FWF audit reports. Four factories have set up functional anti-harassment committees with the support of FWF local trainers. In the next financial year, Stanley Stella is encouraged to join the Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety. FWF also recommends Stanley Stella to take a step further to work towards payment of living wages and addressing excessive overtime at the suppliers, especially where it has high leverage and stable working relationship.

Score: 80, % under monitoring: 100, Category: Leader


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