Stanley and Stella Performance Check 2019

Stanley and Stella S.A. (hereafter Stanley/Stella) has met most of FWF’s performance requirements. The brand monitored over 96% of its production volume, thereby meeting the minimum monitoring threshold of 80% required for members after three years of membership. With a benchmarking score of 68 points, Stanley/Stella is awarded the ‘Good’ category.
With a vision to be able to work closely with their suppliers, the brand sources from a limited number of countries and a select number of suppliers. Eight active suppliers in Bangladesh make the brand’s core products, making up 99% of their total FOB. Six of these eight suppliers have been audited by FWF in the last two years. One supplier each in Portugal and China makes special category products where the brand has less than 1% of FOB.

Stanley/Stella has a nineteen-member local team in Bangladesh including a country manager and a sustainability coordinator. The brand’s monitoring system includes a systematic check that is performed during every production cycle. Apart from checking product quality and planning, the quality controllers also check working conditions, the results of which are documented in a monthly CSR report that is shared with the country manager. The CSR report includes evaluation information pertaining to working conditions, subcontracting risks, building and fire safety, health and environment risks.
The code of conduct of Stanley/Stella requires suppliers to pay wages over 50% of the required legal minimum wage. The brand strives to achieve this but has not yet been successful across the majority of workers at the supplier locations. The brand is doing a wage analysis of workers at supplier locations to understand the current wage levels. As a next step, FWF recommends that the brand define a clear approach to work on the topic of Living Wage with their suppliers.

The brand is not a signatory of the Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety, but in principle only works with factories who are covered by the Accord. Despite this, two of the brand’s suppliers (with around 1% FOB) are not covered under the Accord programme. While the monthly assessment of the brand includes visual inspection of the building and availability of fire extinguishers, this is not enough to replace the monitoring of the Accord.

FWF requires that Stanley/Stella ensure credible fire and building safety inspections at all their suppliers in Bangladesh. These inspections must be based on the standards agreed on by Bangladesh’s National Tripartite Committee on Fire and Building Safety in the garment industry.


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