Stanley and Stella Performance Check 2016

Stanley & Stella S.A. (hereafter Stanley & Stella) meets FWF’s requirements regarding the implementation of FWF’s Code of Labour Practices and goes beyond. Stanley & Stella has monitored 100% of its production in the last three years. The brand purchases over 90% of its production volume from suppliers where they have significant leverage. The brand prefers to establish long term relationships and develop together with suppliers once a business relation has started. Of the total FOB, 30% comes from suppliers where a business relationship exists since Stanley & Stella came into operation.
Stanley & Stella has an office in Bangladesh where they produce more than 90% of the FOB. The local office visits the factories frequently to follow up on corrective action plans from FWF audit reports. Gradually increasing wages and reducing overtime are issues included in the discussions though they are major challenges to most factories.
Stanley & Stella meets FWF’s requirements on establishing an enhanced monitoring system. The local Bangladesh office urges and supports the factories to improve fire and building safety based on audit reports from the Accord. With the support of the FWF local team and Stanley & Stella, two factories have set up functioning anti-harassment committees. These committees negotiate with factory management to handle workplace grievances. Most suppliers of Stanley & Stella in Bangladesh have participated in the Workplace Education Programme and in the fire and building management workshop organised by FWF.
In the next financial year, Stanley & Stella is recommended to take a step further to work towards payment of living wages and addressing excessive overtime at the suppliers.

In 2016, Stanley and Stella had a monitoring threshold of 100% and a benchmarking score of 83, putting the company in the Leader category.


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