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Star Sock Performance Check 2017

Star Sock has shown progress and met most of FWF’s performance requirements in 2016. In its second year of membership, a monitoring percentage of 71%, combined with a benchmark score of 65, means that FWF has awarded Star Sock the ‘Good’ rating.

Star Sock works with a small, long-term supplier base and visits all production locations on average three times a year. All staff are aware of FWF membership requirements and Star Sock continues to involve its local team in China in the monitoring and remediation process.

A FWF audit was conducted at one of Star Sock’s main suppliers in China in 2016 and some of the issues found were: excessive overtime, a lack of awareness of the Code of Labour Practices among workers and social benefits were not paid correctly. In reaction to the finding of excessive overtime, Star Sock thoroughly analysed the root cause of overtime at its Chinese production location and now has a better understanding of the situation.

In 2016 Star Sock improved its systems for monitoring and remediation in China, including implementing a new pricing policy, production planning system and method to identify all subcontractors. In the coming year, Star Sock should begin to implement the same systems for its production locations in Turkey. FWF also recommends Star Sock make use of its new-found knowledge on production planning and pricing to implement policies to tackle excessive overtime and living wages.

Score: 63, Percentage under monitoring: 71%, Category: Good


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