Star Sock Performance Check 2019

Star Sock has shown progress and met most of FWFs’ performance requirements. In its fourth year of membership, a monitoring percentage of 99% and a benchmark score of 66 mean that Star Sock has achieved ‘Good’ status.

Star Sock works with a limited number of long term partners, all of which were visited several times during the past financial year. This partnership approach is also reflected in Star Sock’s production planning, which allows for reasonable working hours despite challenges inherent to the business model. Excessive overtime nevertheless remains a significant challenge, particularly at its Chinese production locations. FWF recommends that Star Sock agrees on achievable steps with factories to gradually reduce working hours and cooperate with other customers to this end.

While Star Sock has detailed insights into cost calculations and wage levels at most suppliers, no agreements to raise wage levels have been set. Star Sock should analyse what is needed to increase wages, set a target wage and develop a strategy to finance the costs of wage increases. Star Sock has a robust system for human rights due diligence in place, including risk assessment, monitoring and remediation. Subcontractors, however, are not fully included in this system. At the end of each financial year, Star Sock must confirm its list of production locations to FWF and provide relevant financial data. All production locations must sign the FWF questionnaire before production takes place and should be included in Star Sock’s monitoring.

Especially considering the limited size of Star Sock’s team, the company has a thorough understanding of its supply chain and issues related to labour standards. There is a high level of alignment among staff and top management on implementing the FWF CoLP.

Star Sock communicates transparently about FWF membership and discloses supplier names in its social report.


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