Suitsupply Performance Check 2012

SuitSupply Performance Check 2012

Suitsupply is in process of implementing FWFs management system requirements. The sourcing practices of Suitsupply generally support effective implementation of the Code of Labour Practices. Suitsupply generally aims at having long term relations with suppliers.

In 2011 the monitoring activities of Suitsupply covered 52 % of its purchasing volume in 2011. Suppliers that are based in low risk countries (Spain, Portugal and Italy) represent 38% of the purchasing volume. This means that Suitsupply meets the required percentage based on the duration of FWF membership (which is 90% for the fourth year of membership).

Suitsupply has not posted its annual social reports for 2009 and 2010 on its website. FWF did not receive the 2010 annual report of Suitsupply. FWF expects Suitsupply to submit an annual social report and publish it on its corporate website. This is important as social reports are an important tool in communicating the FWF affiliates’ efforts towards fair labour standards.

Whereas it was found that excessive overtime recently took place in these factories during 3 factory audits in China (2011), FWF did not find indications that the order placement process of Suitsupply offers sufficient space to avoid excessive overtime in factories.

During 2 factory audits in China (2011) FWF audit teams found cases of wage payments to workers that were not in line with legal requirements. In these factories a substantial amount of workers were not paid the legal minimum for overtime work and paid annual leave was not given. On the positive side, it was found in one of the factories that proactive adjustments of workers’ wages were made on a yearly basis, with average pay rises of 20% to 30% for rank and file workers.

FWF expects Suitsupply to ensure that its suppliers comply with local labour law. The company must request from its suppliers that workers are paid for overtime work and statutory leave according to Chinese regulations. FWF recommends Suitsupply to investigate the root causes of excessive overtime at those manufacturers which are producing on an exclusive basis for the company.

During 2 factory audits in China it was found that the Code of Labour Practices (CoLP) was not posted. On this basis FWF concludes that Suitsupply staff that visits suppliers does not sufficiently check if the CoLP is posted. In 2011 FWF did not receive complaint from workers of factories producing for Suitsupply.




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