Suitsupply Performance Check 2015

Suitsupply Performance Check 2015

Suitsupply meets most of FWF’s management system requirements. Suitsupply has taken several important steps following the previous Brand Performance Check. It has now monitored over 90% of its supply base, meeting the requirement for members at 3+ years of membership.

The company has a consolidated and stable supplier base. 54% of its total purchasing volume in 2014 came from 4 key suppliers where they have substantial leverage. The company has long term partnerships, established contractual partnership agreements and is in some cases the only international buyer of the factory. This puts Suitsupply in a strong position to request improvements in working conditions. With a local buying office in China, close monitoring is possible at key Chinese suppliers who are also working together on making improvements.

Suitsupply has investigated solutions to increase the basic wage level at Chinese factories that use a piece rate system. In the future, Suitsupply could work on investigating the root causes of overtime and on setting up a plan to prevent excessive overtime. In addition, the company should consider enrolling more suppliers in FWF’s Workplace Education Programme.


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