Suitsupply Performance Check 2016

Suitsupply Performance Check 2016

In 2015, several internal changes have resulted in limited capacity at Suitsupply to implement FWF’s management system requirements. 65% of Suitsupply’s 2015 total purchasing volume is monitored, which is below the 90% required of brands in 3+ years of membership. The monitoring percentage comes from organizing FWF audits at 6 suppliers in China.

In 2016 Suitsupply organized more FWF audits and trainings as part of FWF’s Workplace Education Programme and this is expected to result in a larger monitoring percentage next year. FWF recommends Suitsupply to create a sourcing strategy that prescribes the due diligence efforts that are required before starting production at a new supplier and set up an internal information sharing system that enables coherent monitoring shared by different staff and departments.

Suitsupply agreed with Dutch Development bank FMO to reach a living wage at their suppliers within 3 years and is looking into solutions for the piece rate system in China. FWF encourages this approach and suggests to continue these efforts with regard to living wage, by participating in FWFs living wage incubator.

The total benchmarking score has decreased compared to last year. This is partly due to insufficient due diligence when starting sampling at new suppliers and insufficient progress in the follow up of Corrective Action Plans. The company lacks a tool that gives an overview of all due diligence and monitoringefforts at each of their suppliers. Suitsupply plans to develop such a tool end 2016.

Suitsupply has a consolidated supplier base. The company has long term partnerships, and is in most cases the only international buyer of the factory. This puts Suitsupply in a strong position to request improvements in working conditions. The company has several means to support reasonable working hours; among others by spreading production with never out of stock items. However, excessive overtime is still a problem in all suppliers that have been audited, including in the factory where Suitsupply is the only buyer.


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