Suitsupply Performance Check 2017

Suitsupply has shown advanced results on performance indicators and has made exceptional progress. Jumping from the category ‘Needs Improvement’ to ‘Leader’ within one year, Suitsupply demonstrates what can be achieved if the necessary resources are made available. The former Head of Shirts has become a full time CSR manager and this change has paid off.
Suitsupply introduced a stricter due diligence process; before sample orders are placed, external audit reports are requested or FWF audits are organised. An order is only placed if Suitsupply has sufficient knowledge of what is happening on the factory work floor. This year, the member company’s monitoring percentage increased from 65% to 97% of the company’s total FOB.
In conjunction with the Dutch development bank FMO, the member company started a project to reduce working hours and work towards a living wage at their Chinese suppliers. In 2016, steps were made to reduce bottlenecks in the production process at one of these suppliers. In this way, orders should be able to be produced within normal working hours. The next step is to verify whether the implemented measures have indeed led to fewer overtime hours and more net income for workers.
FWF expects Suitsupply to take further steps to help their Burmese supplier implement the FWF CoLP, especially by promoting processes that enhance social dialogue. The audit report of December 2016 provides a good starting point. In early 2017, Suitsupply began a project with a local NGO to support their supplier in remediating the identified issues. These activities will be assessed in the 2018 Brand Performance Check.

Score: 77 Percentage under monitoring: 97% Category: Leader


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