Suitsupply Performance Check 2018

SuitSupply has shown advanced results on performance indicators and has made exceptional progress. With 97% of production under monitoring, SuitSupply fulfils FWF’s monitoring threshold for brands that have been a FWF member for more than three years. The company scored 80 on its benchmark score. Hence, FWF has awarded SuitSupply a Leader rating.

SuitSupply introduced a stricter due diligence process in 2016 which it continued and improved in 2017; before sample orders are placed, staff request external audit reports or organise FWF audits. An order is only placed if SuitSupply has sufficient knowledge of what is happening on the factory work floor. This year, the member company’s monitoring percentage remained well above the threshold needed for a leader.

The member company continued its efforts to reduce excessive overtime and to work towards a living wage at its Chinese suppliers. In 2017, further steps were made to reduce bottlenecks in the production process at multiple Chinese suppliers. Although the implemented measures have indeed led to fewer overtime hours, excessive overtime has remained an issue which needs SuitSupply’s continued attention.

FWF has noted SuitSupply’s efforts to take further steps to help its Burmese supplier implement the FWF Code of Labour Practice, especially by training workers and management to enhance social dialogue. The company collaborated with a local labour union to train the workers and management on freedom of association, which has led to the establishment of a workplace coordination committee. The company aims to work towards the establishment of a union. These activities will be assessed further in the next Brand Performance Check.

Score: 80 Percentage under monitoring: 97% Category: Leader


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