Swiss Post Performance Check 2013

Swiss Post Performance check 2013

Swiss Post meets FWF membership requirements of first year affiliation and goes far beyond some of them. Swiss Post, a federal authority, knows its supply chain very well and has started with great effort to audit production sites. All internal processes are very structured and detailed. First learnings from audit reports have straight away been integrated into new company policies. The CAPs are followed up in a detailed manner.

About FWF’s Brand Performance Check

In 2013, FWF is launching a major upgrade to our Brand Performance Checks.  A new more transparent, and more user-friendly format has been developed, along with a Performance Benchmarking system. The remaining 2013 Brand Performance Checks will be published in early 2014 once the new system comes online.

FWF has prepared a Brand Performance Check Guide for stakeholders and consumers to further explain how FWF reports on affiliates.


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