Swiss Post Performance Check 2014

Swiss Post Performance Check 2014

Swiss Post meets most of FWF’s management system requirements and goes beyond several. It has monitored 96% of its total purchasing volume, well above the 60% required during the second year of membership. Swiss Post actively also monitors suppliers in low-risk countries.

Swiss Post does pre-audits at potential new suppliers. Swiss Post has started doing root cause analysis of issues found during audits. Based on audit findings, it has undertaken wage analysis at a low-wage supplier and has worked together with this supplier on increasing wages. Wages were increased by around 6% during the past year. The increase was implemented by increasing orders at the factory, reducing costs by discount on fabric price (due to increased order quantity), changing the garment production requirements, and making better use of factory capacity.

FWF recommends Swiss Post to work systematically on root cause analysis of overtime and of wages lower than living wage. FWF also recommends that Swiss Post develop labour cost per minute data to enable a more advanced approach towards living wages. It is advised to cooperate with other customers to increase leverage and impact. Swiss Post could encourage its suppliers to participate in Workplace Education Programme trainings, helping to raise awareness about the FWF worker helpline. FWF also recommends development of a formal rating system to evaluate supplier compliance with the FWF Code
of Labour Practices.



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