Swiss Post Performance Check 2015

Swiss Post Performance Check 2015

Swiss Post meets most of FWF’s management system requirements and goes beyond several. It has monitored 99% of its total purchasing volume, therefore meeting the 90% threshold required during the third year of membership.
Swiss Post conducts thorough human rights due diligence when selecting new suppliers including pre-audits and/or visits.

They also works closely with some suppliers to remediate audit findings and actively tries to raise wage benchmarks. However, this does not yet apply to all suppliers. FWF therefore recommends Swiss Post to increase its knowledge about all suppliers and involve intermediaries more actively. This should include systematic root cause analysis of overtime and of wages lower than living wage. Cooperation with other customers to increase leverage and impact is strongely recommended as well as setting up a production planning system that takes the overall capacity of suppliers into account.

Swiss Post facilitated an ILO Better Work training for one supplier in Jordan and actively worked on improving dialogue at the factory and working conditions. Also, two Chinese suppliers participated in FWF’s Workplace Education Programme training in 2014. FWF encourages Swiss Post to stimulate more suppliers to participate in WEP trainings, helping to raise awareness about the FWF worker helpline.


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