Swiss Post Performance Check 2017

Swiss Post Performance Check 2017

Swiss Post has shown advanced results on performance indicators and has made exceptional progress. With an impressive monitoring percentage of 100%, Swiss Post goes beyond the required threshold for members after three years of membership. With a score of 82 points, Swiss Post has been awarded the ‘leader’ category.

The supply base of Swiss Post is mainly located in low-risk countries. Six suppliers are located in China, Bulgaria and Jordan, which are considered high-risk countries. Swiss Post has strong processes in place to conduct human rights due diligence and to implement the FWF Code of Labour Practices at its suppliers. Swiss Post goes beyond auditing by training workers and management at factories on labour standards to ensure that workers are aware of their rights and can obtain those rights. In 2016, a Bulgarian factory that supplies Swiss Post participated in the first WEP basic training in Bulgaria. The member company has continued to work together with the ILO to implement labour standards at its supplier in Jordan.

In 2016, Swiss Post analysed the root causes of excessive overtime at its Chinese suppliers. Poor production planning by other customers, aggravated by peak season order placement, result in excessive overtime. Furthermore, migrant workers prefer to work overtime hours to compensate for low wages. Swiss Post has agreements in place that do not allow for the use of excessive overtime at these suppliers.
Swiss Post could still improve by focusing on issues like social dialogue, living wages and excessive overtime. It could provide more specific support to factories to improve on these issues. Furthermore, FWF recommends Swiss Post to seek out more active cooperation with other customers to resolve issues, in particular with FWF members at one Chinese supplier.

Swiss Post has learned a lot from the work it has done on the responsible sourcing of clothing and rightfully considers this a best practice. The brand is currently extending these lessons learned across the entire procurement department of Swiss Post.


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