Swiss Post Performance Check 2018

Swiss Post has shown advanced results on performance indicators. With a monitoring percentage of 92%, Swiss Post goes beyond the required threshold for
members after three years of membership. With a score of 75 points, Swiss Post has been awarded the ‘leader’ category.

The supply base of Swiss Post is mainly located in low-risk countries. Six suppliers are located in China, Bulgaria and Jordan, which are considered high-risk
countries. Swiss Post has strong processes in place to conduct human rights due diligence and to implement the FWF Code of Labour Practices at its
suppliers. The member company has continued to work together with the ILO to implement labour standards at its supplier in Jordan.

Several of its suppliers are at a high level of progress on Corrective Actions, where only a few issues remain. Swiss Post could still improve by focusing on
issues like social dialogue, living wages and excessive overtime. It could provide more specific support to factories to improve on these issues. Although Swiss Post remains regularly updated of the situation at suppliers, it can take more active measures to support suppliers in resolving issues.

FWF would like to encourage Swiss Post to actively share its process of human rights due diligence at new suppliers with other FWF members as this is an
outstanding practice.


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