Tailor & Stitch Performance Check 2017

Tailor & Stitch Performance Check 2017

Tailor & Stitch has shown insufficient progress in performance indicators. With a monitoring percentage of 62%, Tailor & Stitch is not meeting the required threshold for the third year of membership. Therefore, Tailor & Stitch’s FWF membership is being suspended.

In 2016, Tailor & Stitch saw a large change in its supplier base, moving more than 60% of its production to new suppliers in China, India and Turkey. At the same time, it also ended relationships with all its Chinese and Portuguese suppliers, transferring production to India and Turkey.

Tailor & Stitch has shown improvements by ensuring that all new suppliers signed the FWF Code of Labour Practices, that existing audit reports were acquired and that the FWF Audit Quality Assessment Tool was filled out, where applicable. It actively followed up on the CAP at its main Indian supplier.

A 2016 FWF follow-up audit at Tailor & Stitch’s main Indian supplier showed serious issues concerning licenses, false documentation, wages, overtime hours, home workers and discrimination. The supplier had made little progress in improving working conditions since the previous audit in 2013. Tailor & Stitch and the supplier hired a consultant to assist the supplier in setting up a proper documentation system. This could provide better insight into wage payments and overtime hours.

FWF requires Tailor & Stitch to actively follow up on audit reports and to ensure that corrective actions are in place. Furthermore, FWF strongly recommends Tailor & Stitch to set up a plan to reach the monitoring percentage in 2017. It should also invest in long-term relationships, as such relationships form the basis for actively following up on audit results.


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