Tailor & Stitch Performance Check 2018

In 2017, Tailor and Stitch has shown progress and met most of FWF’s performance requirements. After insufficiently monitoring its suppliers in 2016, Tailor and Stitch has ensured that all suppliers were monitored in 2017 and has a monitoring percentage of 100%. Due to the efforts to improve its management systems and work closely with suppliers on the follow up of audits, Tailor and Stitch has a benchmarking score of 63 and is in the ‘Good’ category.

Through the introduction of a new planning system, Tailor and Stitch has taken steps to help reduce overtime at its suppliers and improve both its own purchasing practices and support the suppliers in planning. Additionally, it has committed additional resources to its suppliers to help remediate the issues from Corrective Action Plans, for example by hiring a consultant to work with the supplier on documentation.

Despite efforts, knowledge of the Code of Labour Practices and the FWF hotline amongst workers at its suppliers is low. Tailor and Stitch should work with suppliers to ensure workers are properly trained on the Code of Labour Practices and have access to the grievance mechanism. Tailor and Stitch should also further its discussions with suppliers on taking steps towards a living wage. FWF provides tools such as the wage ladder to support Tailor and Stitch in these discussions and expects to take an active role in discussing living wages with its suppliers during the next year.

Overall Tailor and Stitch has made positive steps in 2017 and FWF recommends it continues to improve communications with its suppliers and work closely with them on remediating identified issues in 2018.


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