Takko Performance Check 2013

Takko performance check 2013

The Takko performance check 2013 shows that Takko meets FWF basic requirements. The company has made good progress in getting insight in all production locations and collecting relevant information.

Also, a system is in place to ensure all production locations are informed about Takko’s membership of FWF.

Because Takko’s staff is based in production countries, Takko is able to frequently visit and audit locations. However, the number of production locations producing only small percentages of the total spend of Takkois very high, and, especially there where agents or buying houses are intermediary, relations with suppliers are not always stable.

The challenge for Takko is to consolidate their supply base and move towards more stable and more direct contact with suppliers. This will allow them to ensure more sustainable business relations with production locations. There was sufficient progress on corrective actions needed.

Other challenges for the coming period also include improving the more difficult non-compliance issues as payment below living wage levels and excessive overtime.Takko has shared information on social standards with other affiliates and brands.



In 2013, FWF is launching a major upgrade to our Brand Performance Checks.  FWF developed new more transparent, and more user-friendly format , along with a Performance Benchmarking system.

FWF has prepared a Brand Performance Check Guide for stakeholders and consumers to further explain how FWF reports on members.


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