Takko Performance Check 2014

Takko Performance Check 2014

The Takko Performance Check 2014 shows that  Takko is in process of implementing FWFs management system requirements.

Also, their monitoring system includes 73% of the production volume, which meets the threshold set by FWF.

Takko has worked hard in the past year to include all relevant data for production locations, including subcontractors and those used by intermediaries, in their database.

In the future, Takko should work on more clearly distinguishing between production volumes at first tier suppliers and production at subcontractors.

Further, Takko uses their own auditors to conduct factory audits. FWF methodology forms the basis for these audits, which include worker interviews, management interviews, document checks and visual checks. Audit reports also include a Wage Ladder. Audit quality is improving, but there are areas that still need additional attention. The company database includes all audit information, and is accessible for both CSR and purchasing staff.

The company should  ensure that auditors are aware of the full range of country-specific risks.

Takko has a system to track status of corrective action plans. The system should better document how Takko contributes to remediation and give clear information on the status of all corrective action plans.


Read more about FWF’s Brand Performance Check System

In July 2014, FWF launched a major upgrade to its Brand Performance Checks, based on a clearer set of indicators and targets.

For more detailed information, the Brand Performance Check Guide 2014 is available for download (also in 2-sided printable booklet)


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