Takko Performance Check 2019

Takko has shown progress and met most of FWF’s performance requirements. Takko’s monitoring threshold of 98% exceeds monitoring requirements (80%). With a benchmarking score of 71, Takko is awarded the ‘Good’ category.
For Takko FWF membership is of strategic relevance and several new steps were taken further increase social performance, like the start of a living wage approach, with first steps in open costing and engagement with a supplier in India. Takko started to conduct a base-line analysis that will enable the brand to measure changes during the process.
FWF recommends Takko to continue their living wage projects with new steps, including gaining more insight into the labour minute costs, setting of target wages at suppliers and involvement of worker representation. This will help to systematically demonstrate the link between their buying price and wage levels and see the impact of Takko’s actions related to the target wages above legal minimum wage with some of the key production locations.

Takko has developed a new procurement compliance manual that structures and describes steps to be taken, including the integration of the FWF related activities with purchasing and quality assessment. This year, Takko invested in IT solutions and developed a new innovative IT dashboard to strengthen and digitalize the monitoring of all the Takko suppliers. The dashboard improved the monitoring capacity of Takko in a sense that it discloses information from audits on a more detailed level and that it supports the CSR team with automatic notifications, pop-ups, and other reminders.

For this year excessive overtime remained a challenge. FWF advises Takko to closely monitor to what extent it sees changes after the introduction of the new procurement compliance manual and working hours evaluation approach.


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