Triaz Performance Check 2013

Triaz performance check 2013

FWF conducted the first Brand Performance Check at Triaz in September 2012. Beginning of 2013, FWF has decided to change evaluation of FWF affiliates from moment of joining to financial year of the affiliate. Triaz’ financial year equals the calendar year. Since January to September 2012 have been covered with last year’s brand performance check, this BPC functions as a dublicate for the first months of 2012 adding activities of Triaz in October to December 2012.

The company Triaz Group sells textiles with their own labels vivanda, waschbaer, minibaer and pranahaus (approx. 40 per cent of total turnover) as well as other brand labels. Triaz Group meets FWF management system requirements for the first year of membership. Triaz has been affiliated to FWF for 1.5 years. Besides FWF membership, Triaz is certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). In it’s first year of FWF membership, Triaz has informed customers, competitors and suppliers in several ways about its commitment to decent working conditions. Together with FWF, purchasing staff and employees in customer relation have been trained on social standards. First monitoring and verification audits have been conducted, implementation started. Complaints received have been handled in a professional manner. Until now Triaz has a factory approach when it comed to monitoring and remediation. Challenge for the coming years will be to find a strategic way to solve issues on a root cause basis.

About FWF’s Brand Performance Check

In 2013, FWF is launching a major upgrade to our Brand Performance Checks.  A new more transparent, and more user-friendly format has been developed, along with a Performance Benchmarking system. The remaining 2013 Brand Performance Checks will be published in early 2014 once the new system comes online.

FWF has prepared a Brand Performance Check Guide for stakeholders and consumers to further explain how FWF reports on affiliates.


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