Triaz Performance Check 2014

Triaz Performance Check 2014

Triaz meets most of FWF’s management system requirements and goes beyond some of them. With over 90% of their supplier base under monitoring, Triaz has exceeded the required level of monitoring for the second year of membership. In 2013, Triaz began to implement several internal systems which support implementation of FWF membership requirements across the whole company. Triaz includes social compliance as an element in its evaluation of suppliers. At the moment Triaz is developing a supplier rating system, in which social standards is one of the rating criteria. Besides its own suppliers, Triaz is also actively promoting FWF requirements with external suppliers. Worker complaints received in 2013 were handled quickly and appropriately by Triaz. Triaz works to raise awareness of social standards among their customers. Audit reports indicated that workers in the audited factories were not aware of the FWF Code of Labour Practices. Triaz is therefore recommended to promote Workplace Education Programme training among its suppliers in the coming year. In relation to overtime, it is advised to identify strategies to minimise the risk of sourcing practices leading to excessive overtime and evaluate the impact of Triaz’s new way of planning on reducing excessive overtime at suppliers of basic wear.


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