Triaz Performance Check 2015

Triaz Performance Check 2015

Triaz meets most of FWF’s management system requirements and goes beyond. With 95% of their supplier base under monitoring, Triaz has exceeded the required 90% of monitoring for its third year of membership.

In 2014 Triaz started working with a new and more detailed supplier rating system, in which active follow-up of Corrective Action Plans (following audit findings) is an important part of the rating. Several departments coordinate efforts needed to make progress at suppliers on social standards. Triaz also introduced a new way of planning production of basic wear (80% of its production) to spread seasonal production more evenly and order different styles with
main suppliers. Its winter catalog now contains items of summer and vice versa. Triaz trained agents in 2014 on social standards and actively promotes FWF requirements with external suppliers. It has even done monitoring audits and actively followed up on complaints at production locations of external suppliers, which goes beyond FWF requirements to do so at own suppliers.

Triaz is recommended to evaluate the impact of Triaz’s new way of planning on reducing excessive overtime at suppliers of basic wear. FWF encourages Triaz to further refine its efforts to make detailed product costing calculations at two main suppliers (where it has high and/or total leverage) on the basis of existing living wage benchmarks, draw conclusions for its pricing policy and take steps towards the implementation of living wage. Triaz is recommended to
motivate its main supplier(s) to join WEP trainings in countries where FWF will newly provide WEP trainings (e.g. Macedonia, Tunisia, Romania).


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