Triaz Performance Check 2019

In 2018 Triaz showed advanced results on performance indicators and has made exceptional progress. Triaz has monitored 99% of is own production and, with a benchmarking score of 83, has been awarded the ‘Leader’ category again.

Triaz has a systematic way of approaching FWF membership, sufficient capacity to monitor and follow up and a dedicated attitude to inform, train and learn with suppliers how to improve further. The brand has the ability to actually find root causes at the production location level and to identify measures to improve.

Triaz has continued its efforts to work on the planning and prevention of excessive overtime in its supply chain, which seems to be reflected in the audit results. Triaz has also worked on living wages by doing a wage analysis of sample products at some of its key suppliers and setting target wages. The analyses show that at those suppliers, prices were in theory high enough to pay a living wage. Based on that information, Triaz began a root cause analysis of why living wages were not paid. Furthermore, where possible, the brand contributed to changing the working process to overcome the identified issue.


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