Tricorp Performance Check 2017

In 2016, Tricorp met most of FWF’s performance requirements. Tricorp has achieved a score of 56 for this year’s Brand Performance Check. This score, together with a monitoring percentage of 91%, results in Tricorp being placed in the Good category.

In comparison to last year, Tricorp has put in a good effort and made progress when it comes to monitoring and remediation, specifically related to findings indicating production locations’ failure to pay legal minimum wage. Also, they continued to mitigate risks related to building and fire safety in Bangladesh.

Tricorp still has potential to improve in 2017. This is especially related to its due diligence process to identify all potential risks related to production and when selecting new production locations. Additionally, there is opportunity for improvement in knowing exactly where all production takes place, particularly when working with an agent and creating a systematic approach to collect questionnaires and follow up on remediation.

Benchmarking score: 56, % under monitoring: 91, Category: Good


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