Tricorp Performance Check 2018

Tricorp has shown insufficient progress in performance indicators. In 2017, it conducted audits at production locations in China, Vietnam and Turkey. One planned audit in Turkey was rescheduled for 2018 by the FWF audit team. For its production location in Cambodia the company did collect external audit reports but could not show follow-up on findings. Therefore the monitoring percentage remains 74%. This percentage combined with a benchmarking score of 37 means Tricorp is placed in the ‘Needs Improvement’ category.

In 2017, the company changed its internal organisation related to its FWF membership. It hired a sourcing manager who was assigned the task to look into processes related to selecting new production locations, including overall human right’s due diligence and ensuring the signing and returning of the FWF questionnaires. However, this person had other priorities to start with, so no results could be shown for 2017. In addition, the general responsibility for FWF membership was transferred to other people internally. Although they attended the FWF training they were not able to make the necessary improvements in 2017.

For 2018, Tricorp expects improvements because different systems that were developed in 2017 are now in place and can be used. Also, the people have a better understanding of what is expected and more time has been allocated for due diligence.

FWF would like Tricorp to specifically focus on its human rights due diligence and addressing of country-specific risks. Also, it needs to actively share and follow-up on audit results. As part of this follow-up FWF expects Tricorp to start identifying root causes of excessive overtime and wages below living wage estimates with its suppliers.


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