Tunisia Complaint Expresso December 2015

intermediate REPORT COMPLAINT IN tunesia AT FACTORY SUPPLYING expresso

In December 2015, FWF received a complaint claiming that management at a factory had recently increased the expected rate of efficiency by 5% without consulting with workers or their representatives. As a result, the complaint alleged, workers now must work overtime. Workers claimed that a meeting with management about the issue was denied.

Upon investigation, management alleged that in 2012 an agreement had been reached with workers. According to them, workers’ salaries would increase in exchange for higher efficiency targets. However, FWF could not find evidence that this process complied with local laws. Later, the member asked the factory for further explanation, but this was not satisfactory.

After the member contacted the factory, there were two meetings between worker representatives and HR personnel at the factory. As a result, the planned efficiency increase was not implemented. Workers indicated hey were aware of the positive role of the member in resolving the complaint. The result will be evaluated at the end of 2016. Based on this evaluation, a decision whether to conduct a verification audit will be made in late 2016.



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