Tunisia Complaint Expresso March 2013


On 23 January FWF received a complaint through it’s local complaint handler from a worker, working for a company supplying Expresso. The complaint related to the labour standard ‘Payment of a Living Wage’ that is part of FWF´s Code of Labour Practices.

The worker informed FWFs complaints handler that since a few months workers have been receiving their salary late. In addition, according to the worker, the employer has indicated that the annual bonuses will not be paid.

The owner of the factory indicated there has been a change in the monthly payment date, which was discussed and settled with the workers council of the factory. Given recent changes in the market, the factory had to postpone the payment of the annual bonus. FWFs complaints handler concluded from local labour law, the annual bonus has to be paid before the 25th of January. The workers reached an agreement with the owner, who agreed to pay the bonus in three instalments. Expresso Fashion will monitor timely payment of wages. Since the non-compliance is already solved, no further action is required.


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