Tunisia Complaint Nudie Jeans May 2014


On 29 April FWF received a complaint through its local complaints handler in Tunisia of a worker, working for a factory supplying Nudie Jeans. The complaint related to the labour standards ‘Legally-binding employment relationship’ and ‘Safe and healthy working conditions’ which are part of FWF’s Code of Labour Practices.

The complainant claimed that he has only received employment contracts for 1 or 2 months. Furthermore, he was suspended from his work and the manager has threatened to not renew his contract. Finally, the worker claims that his manager shouts at and offends workers. The factory has indicated that in general there is a problem with dialogue and communication between workers and management, as well as the issue of short-term contracts, which is common in Tunisia.

Four concrete actions were outlined by factory management as a response to the complain. With regards to the short-term contracts, further remediation is necessary as the use of these contracts is widespread in the Tunisian garment sector, and therefore FWF must work together with brands and local partners to investigate the root cause and propose remediation of this issue on a national level. As a first step towards remediation, Nudie Jeans is recommended to discuss the issue of short-term contracts with factory management and communicate the desire to have this practice ended and  to enroll the factory in FWF’s Workplace Education Programme.


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