Tunisia Complaint Bierbaum Proenen and Fristads Kansas June 2016

Initial report of a complaint in Tunisia at a factory supplying Bierbaum Proenen and Fristads Kansas

On 3 June 2016, a worker at a factory supplying Bierbaum Proenen and Fristad Kansas alleged that he was dismissed on illegal grounds. He had a three-month contract through an interim agency, a common practice in Tunisia.

According to the worker, he was unjustly blamed for throwing out material after cutting. Based on this allegation, the complainant was given a three-day unpaid suspension by the Consultative Committee. He refused to sign a document where he acknowledge guilt and, as a consequence, he was sent home without the possibility of working the last three weeks of his contract. He was not rehired.

According to the factory, the complainant resigned after unsuccessfully trying to cover up a mistake that he had made. He furthermore did not show up for work after his suspension period. The factory hired a new employee. The complainant, alleges factory management, returned to work until the end of his contract but in another position. He received his remaining holiday and remuneration, including annual bonus.

The case is under investigation.





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