Tunisia Complaint Nudie Jeans May 2016

Final report of complaint at factory in Tunisia supplying Nudie Jeans – May 2016

On 2 May 2016, a worker approached FWF’s complaints handler and trade union representatives. He claimed that a factory where he had been working since 2010 on temporary one-month contracts had terminated his employment.

A 2012 audit revealed that short-term contracts were a concern at that factory then already. Further, in 2014 a different complaint was taken to FWF regarding the same issue. Tunisian labour law is not clear on the matter, but stakeholders agree that this is not the intended purpose of the law.

Before FWF could open an investigation, the worker was re-hired again by the factory. He now works at the same workstation, but does night shifts. He has signed a new contract of one month.

FWF has asked the complainant whether he wished to pursue his complaint. The complainant stated that he did not wish to take further action, because he was satisfied with the outcome.


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