Tunisia Complaint Nudie Jeans October 2017

Final report of a complaint in Tunisia at a factory supplying Nudie Jeans —  October 2017

The complainant claimed that he often works overtime hours. Due to the new Tunisian law, the worker believes that overtime hours are not that beneficial. Furthermore, he also had problems with his supervisor. Therefore, he proposed to management to change jobs within the factory. Management had not given him a response.

Even before FWF could inform Nudie Jeans, the case had been resolved. FWF had to check several details before forwarding the complaint to Nudie Jeans. In the meantime, management had talked to the worker and agreed to transferring the worker to another job in the factory. The worker kept its level of salary.

The complainant was satisfied with the transfer and wished that the other worker who took his previous job will perform well


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