Tunisia Complaint Van Puijenbroek March 2017

Final report of a complaint at a factory in Tunisia supplying Van Puijenbroek

On 11 March 2017, Fair Wear Foundation received a complaint from a worker that is currently employed by the factory. The complainant claimed that the salary of workers was being paid late, which resulted in difficulties for workers to make ends meet. Workers refused to work on the Saturday morning after payment was overdue. The manager had explained to the workers that he was faced with cash flow problems. Furthermore, the worker complained about excessive overtime taking place in the finishing and packaging department. Although the complainant was not affected by the overtime, the worker did wish to report it.

FWF informed Van Puijenbroek about the case. Van Puijenbroek contacted factory management who confirmed the late payment, claiming that it was partially due to the fact that a large order of Van Puijenbroek was of insufficient quality. Van Puijenbroek did not pay the invoice until repairs were made. After the complaint and discussion with factory manager, Van Puijenbroek decided to immediately pay for the order. After payment of Van Puijenbroek, salaries were paid to the workers. Since the findings were already part of the audit findings, Van Puijenbroek will continue to work on improvements with the factory, especially concerning (payment of) overtime hours. The worker withdrew the complaint during the investigation for personal reasons.


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