Turkey Complaint Acne November 2012


In November 2012 FWF received a complaint from a worker from a factory supplying ACNE Studios. The complaint related to FWF’s labour standard ‘Living Wage’.

The filing party claimed that the workers at the sewing department at this factory did not receive the promised rate per produced piece for the last four years. Moreover their overtime on Saturdays and Sundays were not paid the overtime rate, but just the regular rate.

The plaintiff, who was a representative of all piece rate workers at that department, raised the issue to his supervisor. His supervisor refused to confront the management with the issue.

An FWF auditor visited the factory in January to investigate the complait. The complaint was considered valid, and together with the member company FWF urged the factory to solve the problem. Now, the workers get a higher income. However there is still room for improvement, as overtime work is still not paid for accordingly. This corrective action is monitored by the affiliate and will be verified by FWF.


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