Turkey Complaint Assessment JC Rags July 2011


In November 2010 a complaint was filed against one of JC Rags’ Turkish suppliers. According to the complaint, unionised workers had suffered several forms of discrimination including unjust dismissals and threats by supervisors. Several brands sourcing from the factory decided to cooperate in order to resolve the issues. Dutch branch organisation MODINT coordinated the collaboration between buyers, involved industry organisations, BSCI and FWF.

From the start this coalition urged the involved parties in Turkey to negotiate directly with each other in good faith. As this did not resolve the deadlock, an extensive Freedom of Association assessment was done at the involved facilities in cooperation with FLA. The assessment showed that the complaint was grounded and made with a number of recommendations. Shortly after the completion of the assessment, the trade union and the factory managed to sign a collective bargaining agreement. During 2011, several or the recommendations from the assessment report have been implemented jointly by the factory and the trade union.



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