Turkey Complaint Bierbaum-Proenen Jan. 2017 interim report

Interim report of a complaint at a factory in Turkey supplying Bierbaum-Proenen

On 22 January, 2017, FWF received a complaint from a worker who was dismissed by the factory management. The complainant claims that (s)he was insulted by management who supposedly shouted and threatened to fire him/her if (s)he keeps working the way (s)he was. The worker kept working for some more days but couldn’t handle the situation and missed three days of work at the end of November 2016. When (s)he returned to the factory, (s)he said (s)he was dismissed without compensation. The complainant also stated that social security payments were started only two months after recruitment. In addition, 70 days of social security payments were missing.

BierbaumProenen contacted its supplier and got immediate feedback from the factory.  Since the worker missed work for three days without notice, the complainant does not have the right for compensation according to Turkish law. However, since the dismissal was a consequence of the supposed misbehavior of factory management, further (worker) interviews need to be conducted.  The brand asked the supplier for social security declarations, pay slips and the time record card for the plaintiff for 2015 and 2016. Documents have been sent.

This case is still under investigation.


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