Turkey Complaint Heigo, Vaude, ClubKollektion Sept. 2016 Final Report

Final report of a complaint at a factory in Turkey supplying Heigo, Vaude, and ClubKollektion

On 9 September 2016, FWF received a complaint from a worker who is currently employed by the factory. The complainant claimed that there are many noncompliance issues in the factory, including Turkish and Syrian workers who are unregistered, and that there is excessive overtime, especially in June, 2016, when they normally worked until midnight. The complainant also claimed that line supervisors do not receive a premium for overtime work.

FWF informed Heigo, Vaude and Klubkollection about the case, who contacted the supplier and asked for a reply. The supplier claimed that there is no unregistered Turkish worker in the factory. Two unregistered Syrian adult workers are working in the factory with the same payments as Turkish workers. The supplier wants to register the Syrian workers and he said that one of the Syrian workers is so talented that he increased his monthly wage, but his social security agent said that they cannot be registered. The supplier said that no excessive overtime occurred in the factory in June. The supplier agreed that the main problem in the factory has to do with the communication between management and line supervisors, and between line supervisors and workers. The supplier replied that FWF is welcome to conduct an inspection at any time.

Fair Wear Foundation staff offered guidance on how to register the Syrian workers, explaining the registration procedure. The supplier agreed on a date for the inspection visit: 2 February 2017. Two members of the FWF team, including the Arabic-speaking complaints handler, participated. The visit did not turn out to be a usual inspection visit although there was open dialogue on the issues raised by the complainant. The supplier also mentioned that he is willing to participate in communication training. The FWF complaints handler contacted the complainant. According to the complainant’s statements, all the problems have been solved.


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