Turkey Complaint Hessnatur, Mini Rodini, Nudie Jeans April 2016

Interim report of a complaint in Turkey at a factory supplying Hessnatur, Mini Rodini, and Nudie Jeans

The local hotline in Turkey received a call on 1 April 2016 from someone currently employed at the factory. The complainant claimed that workers were coached before the recent audit. He or she stated that overtime work (especially for Sunday work) is mandatory and they cannot refuse overtime work without the risk of losing their jobs. Three workers were dismissed due to their refusal. The worker also claimed that wage discrimination exists: workers who are close to the line supervisors receive a greater wage increase.

FWF informed Hessnatur, Mini Rodini and Nudie Jeans about the complaint. The members contacted the supplier to discuss the outcomes of the audit, the CAP and the complaints. The brand representative from Hessnatur visited the factory on 2 November 2016 to discuss the issues that were raised. The factory owner and management agreed that overtime is a problem, especially in peak season. The brands are in touch with the factory and they are discussing potential solutions.

The factory would like to have more concrete information from the workers to further analyse the situation. The case is under remediation.


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