Turkey Complaint Hessnatur, Triaz and Gruene Erde April 2012

final REPORT OF COMPLAINT IN Turkey AT FACTORY THAT SUPPLIES Hessnatur, Triaz and Gruene Erde

Update June 2013: The local complaints handler communicated the issue with factory management. The factory registered the plaintiff to Social Security Institution for an additional duration of three more months. That additional registration for three months also monitored by plaintiff and local complaints handler via records of Social Security Institution. At the end of this additional period, plaintiff started to work for another textile factory with a legally binding employment contract. With this the complaint is closed.

In April 2012, FWF received a complaint from a worker who said he had been working for a factory intermittently for five years, without adequate social security payments being made. An investigation showed that at least part of the complaint was grounded, and the factory is required to pay the required social security payments for the periods the worker was employed by the factory. Verification will follow


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