Turkey Complaint Maier Sports December 2016

Final report of a complaint at a factory in Turkey supplying Maier Sports — December 2016

The complainant, a textile engineer, alleged having been dismissed without a valid reason after four years of employment. While the complainant was paid severance and notice payments, management said that a reference letter was contingent on signing documents. The complainant took the case to court, based on the sudden and rude manner of dismissal.

Factory management said that the complainant’s way of working had caused problems with the brand. According to Turkish legislation, a dismissal is only possible after a written defense statement is received after dismissal. The worker refused. According to law, the employer should have made further efforts to obtain a written statement.

While the dismissal was not carried out according to law, the employer refused to continue to work relation. Therefore, the worker was entitled to indemnity, which they have received.



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