Turkey Complaint Salewa & Dynafit March 2016

Final report of a complaint at a factory in Turkey supplying Salewa & Dynafit

The local hotline received three calls on 10,12 and 14 March 2016 after the monitoring audit took place. The complaints came from three separate workers, who are still working in the factory. The first complainant claimed that during the audit the FWF CoLP was on the wall; however, it is no longer hanging on the wall. The second complainant claimed that in the knitting department there was a wage increase; however, for sewing workers there was no wage increase. Also the person has complaints about verbal abuse of line supervisors during overtime hours. The third complainant claimed that overtime work is compulsory. They work until 20.30 on weekdays and they also work on Saturdays.

Through their intermediary, Salewa & Dynafit asked for clarification of the facts and the follow up of this complaint. They asked the supplier to solve the forced overtime and unequal pay rises.  Around that time the intermediary of Salewa & Dynafit decided that the relationship with the factory would not last any longer. This was unforeseen for Salewa & Dynafit. The main reason was that the factory was not cooperative in offering follow up to the complaints and the CAP findings. As a result of the factory’s lack of effort to communicate, no remediation took place.


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