Turkey Country Plan 2015

Turkey Country Plan 2015

Since 2002 Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) has been active in Turkey. In terms of production volume for FWF affiliates, Turkey ranks number five after China, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Italy. The majority of suppliers are based in the Istanbul region, with the Izmir region as the second most-important region. 165 Factories in Turkey are listed in the overall supplier list of FWF members. For approximately thirty FWF affiliates, manufacturing in 2013 took place in 104 of those factories.

The most common problems found in FWF’s audits in Turkey over the previous years are freedom of association and the falsification of wage records to avoid paying full social security costs. This affects the workers’ pensions and severance payments negatively when they are dismissed or retire. Other common problems found concern working hours, payments of overtime and annual leave. Subcontracting is often seen. Several suppliers do the sampling and finishing themselves, outsourcing the sewing to either in-house or external subcontractors. This leads to additional risks of violating labour rights.

In 2015 Fair Wear Foundation’s work in Turkey will focus on the implementation of the Workplace Education Programme (WEP), to raise awareness about labour rights and grievance mechanisms. Trainings will be arranged for both management and workers over the year.

The verification will focus on factory audits with the local FWF audit teams as well as effective complaints handling.


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